Bar Design and Build.


For four months, utilizing three rented studios, I designed and built four new high tops and five new low tops, two wall shelves, the entire back bar section (liquor and wine shelves), refaced the counter top and face with sandblasted steel and epoxy, built a 5-tiered speed rack for more liquor storage, custom made doors to the kitchen, two waterproof exterior LED signs and three huge exterior planters, etc. With a volunteer crew, the total remodeled bar was ready to open in only 8 days in early February, 2016. The back wall is vertical cedar siding, opposite is a half wall of cedar siding. The flooring is black rubber diamond plate faux. New bar lights were added. A complete paint job was done and a new face for the outside awning. I opened up the wall behind the bar and set the draft units 12" into the wall for more space behind the bar. I also printed the t-shirts and created the flight boards from African Paduck, also screen printed. I chose the rugs to offset and compliment the linear minimalist architectural design. And advocated for neon bendy straws to offset the craft brews and high end liquor selection.  These are not professional photos. Maybe someday I can get those done. Process photos will be added later.